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We are Available & Reliable

Royal Flight Adventuress is available at anytime, anywhere and we never diappoint. We will always be there when you need our hand. You can reach us though the contacts given and trust us you will enjoy our service

We are super-Skilled and Professional

Our team comprises of individuals who have gone through intensivee training to ensure that their output is of high quality. Integration of both experience and skills fine tunes their touch in planning for your holiday as per the calendar

We are dedicated

We are devoted to ensuring that you enjoy every bit of your holiday through proper planning and guidance of your trip, camping and also accomodation. We always work to ensure you have a smile on your face..



Get an experience visiting most fascinating attraction sites from different destinations all over the world.


Whether you are travelling for business or holiday, we offer comfortable guest rooms designed for your comfort and your convenience.


Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or towards their dreams. Opportunies appear, open up, become a reality.We enable you to choose your methods for transportation and make your timetable.

Enjoy at the beach!

You will enjoy your time at the best beaches in different places from our most sweltering promos and bundles.
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Wander the World with us!


Overall, the tour was fantastic! A very reasonably priced trip, with additional activities to suit everyone's price range and interests. I had a great time and it was enriched by the tour group of only 8 of us! I am aware that the smaller the group, the lesser profits for Royal Fligh Adventure.. but overall the experience of the smaller group outweighs all large group tours. In future I would pay more to guarantee a smaller tour group size!
Manfred Luther
Hiking was great. A ton of additional expenses, tipping drivers and porters and every meal was out of pocket It was a very great experience.
Scot Adkins
Small group of 14 was ideal,many various nationalities from Austria,Germany,Poland Canada, the UK ,Australia and the USA The.Pace and length of the tour was ideal. .Sandy the guide was certainly an asset to Royal Fligh Adventures.I would be happy to use Royal Fligh Adventures again as a small group holiday provider..
Brian L. George
Best experience ever. Worth every penny. Will definitely use Royal Flight Adventures again and again. Recomended to my friebds and family.Our contacts were the best. Understanding..corperative and accommodative. Long Live Royal Flight Adventures.
Cynthia Daniels


WishTrip adds digital dimension to classical tourism and adventure

The story behind WishTrip, an Israeli-made smartphone application designed to help travelers discover new sites and adventures, began with a couple getting lost. At least that’s how Moshe Lifshitz, one of the creators of the Rec N’ Trek that developed the app describes it.

Adventure Canada Returns to Ireland

Adventure Canada has announced the return of its Ireland Circumnavigation cruises for the first time since 2012. The new itinerary will run June 9-20, 2019. During the cruise guests can see Tory Island, the Cliffs of Moher, Belfast and more from Ireland Circumnavigation.

'Ghost Adventures' explores Oregon's 'Graveyard of the Pacific'

After visiting the Turner, Oregon, theme park Enchanted Forest in a June episode, TV's "Ghost Adventures" team is returning to the Northwest to check out the "Graveyard of the Pacific." Described in Travel Channel's press materials as "a treacherous nautical region in the Pacific Northwest, where the freshwater of the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean," the "Graveyard of the Pacific" is the star of a special four-part "Ghost Adventures" miniseries.


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